Electronic shaft connects electric rope winches

Electronic shaft connects electric rope winches
The test rig is outfitted with two series ESG rope winches with a drum, with bearings on both sides, for longer lengths of rope. Two steel cylinders of different weight hang from the ropes. The weights are initially at exactly the same height, about a half a metre above the floor. It can be seen that the rope winches have different motors and gear boxes and that the drums, each with a layer of rope, have different sizes. The electric rope winches are available in two sizes, with two different rope speeds, in the standard programme. The winches are not connected mechanically.

Elektronische Welle

The electrical engineer Karl Köhler has prepared well for his presentation. He skilfully explains to the audience how he solved the control of the synchronous run for the two weights requiring lifted. It is intended that the synchronous run be achieved in tandem operation. He grabs a control device, hardly larger than a pack of cigarettes, and puts the two rope winches into operation by radio. It happens just as intended. The two loads move upwards several metres, completely synchronised, and back again to their start positions. The speed adjuster in the frequency regulator's master-slave-mode worked. Mr Köhler smiles with satisfaction and enjoys the admiring looks for the 'Electronic shaft' drive concept. No hocus-pocus, he explains, but sound technology. It is essentially in the switch box, to the side, with the receiver's antenna extending from the side.

Switching from single mode to synchronous run or from synchronous run to single mode is possible at any time with the radio control. Loads can be lifted at the same time using the synchronous run for two or more winches.

Or double the load can be lifted with two identical winches. Click here for: Block diagram

The manufacturing costs are comparable to those for single winches with frequency converters. With this simple demonstration, haacon shows the continued development of hoisting technology with the use of electric rope winches from the standard programme, which are also available with advantageously short delivery times for loads up to 1000 kg. Special tasks can be mastered with individualised control solutions. The purpose of the demonstration was however to show that the movement of widely separated loads can be synchronised.

haacon electric rope winches of industrial quality provide a universal concept in accordance with the latest EN standards. This means dependable quality, price and delivery times even when customising to your requirements. We are glad to advise you with regard to your special requirements. Frequently asked questions (FAQ’s) are summarised as initial information for you on the haacon homepage.

Our sales personnel will be glad to assist you with any more detailed questions.

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