Industrial lifting equipment

We can also develop individual solutions for you 

The strength of haacon hebetechnik gmbh is its development of customer-specific solutions. In many cases, we are able to modify standard components to match your hoisting technology requirements at low cost.

You couldnt find what you need in our extensive product portfolio? 

Our competent team of technicians and engineers will examine your specifications; we will work together with you to develop the perfectly matched, unique solution. 

Examples of special solutions based on specifications provided by our customers are featured in the image galleries. We have a good reputation in the environmental sector thanks to our high-quality stainless steel products. Our products are “Made in Germany”, and we are among the leading companies the area of industrial hoisting technology. Our supplier evaluations also regularly achieve the best AAA ratings. We have consistently presented ourselves as a reliable and competent partner to our customers. 

haacon hebetechnik gmbh especially values personal contact and extensive information exchange between us and our customers. This makes development as smooth and speedy as possible and guarantees the implementation of your ideas. During customer projects, our team is constantly in touch with you. That’s why long-time customers trust the knowledge and creativity of our employees.

haacon ... were ISO 9001 certified.

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