Lifting devices

Lifting devices are suitable for lifting containers off the truck and depositing them on the ground without the help of cranes. Our lifting ystems are modular in design, so that low-cost solutions are available for your specific requirements. A lifting system consists of four lifting supports, with the carrying capacity of an individual lifting support amounting to half of the carrying capacity of the lifting ystems as a whole. Depending on the application of the lifting support, the following technical parameters can be achieved:
  • Container carrying capacity from 4 t to 15 t
  • Lifting heights from 500 mm to 1,750 mm (Optional maximum: 2,000 mm)
  • Attachment to ISO corners

Position Control Innovative inclinometer-based position control is a special characteristic of our lifting systems.

  • Lifting and lowering action parallel to the ground during loading operations in uneven terrain (patented)
  • Automatic initial inclination registration
  • Inclination offset to zero degrees
  • Control precision: +/- 0.1 degrees
  • Safety shutdown when inclination exceeds 3.5 degrees (or 6 degrees, as required)
  • Individual support control unit available as optional attachment

In addition to our standard lifting system products, we offer customized designs:

  • Non-standard lifting heights
  • Modified basic carrying capacity
  • Specially adapted mounting and interlocking systems
  • Special base plates
  • Holding fixtures for easy lifting support transportation
  • Tailor-made solutions with regard to functionality and intended uses
  • Advice and assistance to customers implementing specific projects
  • Special colours and paint coats
  • Expertise and expedient performance when it comes to tests, trials and provision of samples

Each lifting system is subjected to functional and load tests performed on our own test equipment.

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Lifting device 1689.10

Cost optimized lifting device for lifting, levelling and depositing of ISO containers

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Lifting device 1689.10

Cost optimized lifting device for lifting, levelling and depositing of ISO containers, swing-to version

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