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Company mission statement

How do we reconcile the demands of sustainability with those of environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG)?

Our company has been headquartered in Kirschfurt, Germany, since 1904, separated from Freudenberg only by the Main river, where the Haamann brothers ran a small locksmith’s shop in 1872.

Most of our buildings date back to the 1970s and 1980s and have been carefully, but always purposefully, refurbished, renovated and brought up to 21st century environmental standards over the past two decades. In 2010, we installed a photovoltaic system with an output of 200 kWp* on the roofs of our production halls and used European photovoltaic panels and installed German inverters.

*kWp (kilowatt peak) is a measure of the capacity of a photovoltaic system, where kWp corresponds to the maximum possible output in kW (kilowatts).

We have consistently and continuously renewed our production machinery during this time and paid great attention to keeping energy consumption as low as possible. For us, conserving energy resources means two things. The first is dealing with Germany’s extremely high energy prices on an economic level. The second is bearing social responsibility for our rural region, our country and ultimately the future of the people who want to live a healthy life here. We have been developing and maintaining a high production depth in our company for decades. Our suppliers are largely based in our region and in Germany. Whenever possible, we refrain from providing materials from countries that primarily gain price advantages by using socially questionable methods.

Our company has a training programme that has been in place for decades, mostly due to our actual demand for new staff. We consider this a service to our society and the next generation. A significant number of our employees have been with us for many years and value the performance and sustainability of a privately owned, medium-sized company.

Adhesion contracts with corporations that (supposedly) dominate the market

We still consider the ideal of the ‘respectable businessperson’ to be contemporary and modern. In this firm belief, we treat our suppliers fairly and pay them on time.

We also expect the same from our customers. As a small and medium-sized enterprise (SME), we reject obscene demands when it comes to pricing and we do not enter into adhesion contracts with corporations that (supposedly) dominate the market. Sound business conduct does not require unregulated one-off payments or the morally and legally reprehensible use of intellectual property.

Our actions are always justified, but that does not mean we possess some kind of ‘superior’ knowledge. It is simply the case that, as businesspeople, we always weigh our decisions against ESG criteria – and always being conscious of and striving to serve the best interests of our company, our employees and our business partners.

Key figures

150 years of passion for technology, innovation and reliable craftsmanship.
Well over 1,000 satisfied customers who have relied on our expertise for years.
Over 40 global sales partners who are ready to help you with your requests.

Our quality policy

In order to be able to deliver high-quality products to our customers, a high level of quality must be guaranteed for all production processes. We need to maintain the many years of trust our customers have built up in our company and in the quality of our products and services and expand it wherever we can.

Our objective

haacon hebetechnik gmbh undertakes to comply with legal and official requirements in order to ensure and comply with national and international product standards and quality regulations.

Customer satisfaction

We want our customers to not only be satisfied, but delighted, too. Our customers set the standard for our quality levels. The outstanding quality of our products and how enthusiastic our customers are about them are the benchmark for our actions. The high level of quality, the high level of development and the satisfaction of our customers are the result of the performance of each and every employee in each and every department.

Quality and service

Our quality standards and service are not only tied to our products, but are also reflected in how we interact with employees, customers and suppliers.


haacon employees are guided by the expectations of our customers, the benefits, their responsibility for the environment and the technical, environmental and economic feasibility. Every employee contributes to making our quality objectives a reality with their work. Achieving our quality objectives and those of our customers is one of the management team’s most important tasks.

Partners and dealers

We also demand that our suppliers and dealers take a large amount of responsibility for quality, which we promote and support as partners.

Continuous improvement

We always strive to eliminate the causes of errors. The entire haacon team supports the management in running the company with our management system, our continuous improvement of quality and our efforts to reduce costs and increase profitability.


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