Rental systems

Rental – Lifting systems are not something you need every day

We do not simply just manufacture lifting systems – we are also a reliable partner for companies, charities and the defence industry. More and more of our customers want to rent lifting equipment and we want to make sure they can, which is why we have now added this option to our portfolio. The positive response we have received about this decision has shown it was the right one.
Our customers often work with one-off projects, meaning there is no long-term value in them making an expensive purchase.
Get in touch with us – we would be happy to advise you!

  • Rental period: starting from one week
  • Germany only
  • Collection or delivery
Lifting devices

Rental lifting system 1889

Lifting devices are ideal for lifting containers off of lorries and setting them down on the ground. A lifting device consists of four lifting supports, with the carrying capacity of an individual lifting support equating to half of the carrying capacity of the system as a whole.

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Roller sets

Rental container roller sets

Container roller sets are ideal for moving containers on paved ground. The rollers are attached underneath the container in the ISO corners, leaving the side openings of the ISO corners free to be used for other purposes. A container roller set consists of:
Four individual container rollers
One height-adjustable drawbar

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Levelling devices

Levelling jacks

Levelling devices for lifting heights up to 800 mm and system capacities up to 25 t (dynamic) and 25 t (static). Levelling jacks are used for containers that need to be perfectly aligned within a given floor plan, so that they can be linked up to form larger functional units.

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Rental lifting equipment systems from the experts

If you only need one of our lifting systems for a certain period of time or making a purchase is not a worthwhile decision for you, we offer a range of devices that you can rent. Get in touch with us!

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