Rack-and-pinion jacks

Lift, lower, offset and hold components using rack-and-pinion jacks

Rack-and-pinion jacks for lifting, lowering, offsetting and holding components, equipment, machines and so on, 0.5 t to 10 t load

Rack & Pinion jack

Rack-and-pinion jack 1624

Rack-and-pinion jack, load range 1.5 to 10 t
Product details
Rack & Pinion jack

Rack-and-pinion jack 1555

Rack-and-pinion jack, load 1 t, extremely easy to operate
Product details
Rack & Pinion jack

Rack-and-pinion jack 1524

Rack-and-pinion jack, load 0.5 t, easy to operate, with self-locking worm gear
Product details
Rack & Pinion jack

Wall-mounted rack-and-pinion jack 1659

Rack-and-pinion jack with mounting brackets for wall mounting
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